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Wasp and Hornet nest treatment and removal
specialists in Gloucestershire

Wasps and Hornets are two of the most intimidating insects nature has to offer.  Aggressive, intelligent and relentless when threatened they are something that should be treated with upmost respect. 


If you have a problem Wasp or Hornet Nest on your property call us today and we will try our best to be with you within 48 hours or less. 

wasp nest in shed
huge wasp nest in loft

Please note that we at M&W Services do not treat bees of any species.

We will be happy to arrange a bee keeper to come and collect any swarms of feral honey bees that settle on your property. Please call today if you think you may have a swarm and please do not try to move them on it will only harm the bees and put yourself at risk.

We also will not treat or remove bumble bees. If you have a bumble bee nest on your property please be sure to give them a little space and enjoy watching them come and go!


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