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With nearly twenty years experience sweeping chimneys around Gloucestershire we are a great choice to make your fire safe and sound in time for burning season.

We cover all fires and are insured to do so, you really can count on us to give you a prompt, clean and satisfactory sweeping experience.

Certificates for proof of sweeping issued  

We use the traditional brush and vacuum method with modern high quality equipment with a 100% NO MESS guarantee

Please see Prices page for 2024\25

Please call us for quotes to remove bird nests in chimneys
please note that we will not be able to remove bird nests during the nesting season.

Ask about our group booking discounted rates.

Get your friends and neighbours together 
for a group booking, large discounts to be had on our list prices for multiple booking in the same town, street or village on 
the same day. 

Organiser will get their chimney swept free of charge
if ten or more chimneys are arranged!


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