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Wasp Nest in loft


Mitch Workman Services provides Pest control, Infestation Cleaning and Chimney Sweeping services in Gloucestershire. 

Wasp or Hornet Nest on your property? We provide a full treatment guarantee, call now for more info.

Welcome to Mitch Workman Services

A family business covering all of Gloucestershire

We provide all manner of pest control services, pest proofing, sanitisation and cleaning, pest fencing and chimney sweeping services.

Please see the dedicated web pages on this site for more information.


Rats entering a house through the drains found with UV traking

Proof of rats entering property through drains using UV tracking

Huge birds nest being removed from an open fire chimney

Well established Bird nest removal from an open fireplace

Professional and experienced covering the whole of  beautiful Gloucestershire

With many years experience in professional pest control and modern chimney sweeping we are more than ready to help you with anything. 

Qualified, insured, and well equipped 
to deal with all pests and to sweep all chimneys.

Please view the dedicated page on our site for more information

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